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Fast Food: Best Picks

If you're trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss, try not to eat fast food more than once a week. Most of it is loaded with the worst kinds of fat (saturated and trans), refined grains, calories, and sodium. If you must eat it, have only one item and choose it from this list.

And if you are counting your exchanges, remember that most fast food exchanges are from fat, grains, dairy, and protein... occasionally--but only occasionally, as the list shows--an item may contain vegetable exchanges. If you buy a beverage, choose water, diet soda, tea without sugar or cream, or black coffee.

Best Choices Calories and Exchanges
Burger King®

Chicken WHOPPER JR® without mayo

Veggie burger with reduced-fat mayo

270 calories, 3 proteins, 2 grains

290 calories, 2 proteins, 21/2 grains


McSalad® grilled chicken caesar salad

Chicken McGrill® without mayo

250 calories, 2 vegetables, 2 fats

300 calories, 21/2 proteins, 1 fat, 21/2 grains


Mandarin ChickenTM salad without crispy noodles

Large chili

440 calories, 3 vegetables, 3 proteins, 4 fats, 1 grain

300 calories, 2 proteins, 1 fat, 2 grains

Kentucky Fried Chicken®

BBQ chicken sandwich

256 calories, 2 proteins, 2 grains

Taco Bell®

Taco salad without shell

Bean burrito

410 calories, 3 vegetables, 1 protein, 1 dairy, 2 fats, 1 grain

370 calories, 1/2 protein, 1/2 dairy, 2 fats, 3 grains

Au Bon Pain®

Mediterranean chicken salad with half the dressing

1/2 Thai chicken sandwich

385 calories, 3 vegetables, 21/2 proteins, 3 fats

275 calories, 3 proteins, 21/2 grains


Turkey breast or roast beef D'lite salad

Turkey or roast beef D'lite pita pocket

375 calories, 2 vegetables, 3 proteins, 2 grains

330 calories, 1 vegetable, 2 proteins, 3 grains


Chicken breast with low fat dressing

Turkey sub on sour dough bread

240 calories, 3 vegetables, 2 proteins, 2 fats

290 calories, 3 proteins, 21/2 grains

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